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Pray Time
Date20 Nov 2019
Hijri dateربيع الأول 23 - 1441
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 The Center tasks and specialities

8/2  Mohammed Bin Rashid Center For Islamic Culture

Vision and Mission:
1- Promote Islamic Culture, and deliver the Islamic message in its moderate and flexible form.
2- Take part in promoting Islamic heritage by organizing relevant exhibitions, programs, and different activities; as well as by communicating with Islamic and Cultural Establishments inside and outside the UAE.
3-  Organize and conduct lectures, courses, workshops and lessons in various languages for newly converted Muslims or for non-Muslims or for non-Arabic speaking persons in mosques, associations, religious centers, consulates, reforming facilities, commercial center, and assembly points in coordination with the relevant authorities. 
4- Reply to the queries related to Islamic culture for new converted Muslims and non-Muslims.
5- Receive those who are willing to convert into Islam religion, and explain the Islamic culture to them, in addition to providing them with books, and inviting them to attend lectures and courses.   
6- Administer the conversion into Islam, issue New Muslim Certificates for new Muslims and for their children.
7- Manage the new Muslims’ relations, and follow up their affairs as per applicable standards and regulations.
8- Organize religious events through communication with the public in various languages 
9- Prepare and execute Arabic language teaching courses to non-Arabs 
10-  Contribute to promotion of religious tourism on Dubai emirate level through religious and heritage events and activities.
11-  Select, train, qualify, and assess permanent and part time religious guides with the Department, and organize their activities; follow up and develop their performance in coordination and cooperation with relevant authorities inside and outside the Department.
12- Promote awareness on Emirati culture, customs, traditions, values, environment, and heritage and introduce the religious teachings, in addition to presenting various programs to enhance the civilized communication among various nationalities.
13-  Any other tasks related to the Department’s activities assigned to the Department by the CEO.

First: New Muslims Care Section
Vision and Mission:
​1- Organize and conduct Islamic religion programs by various communication means.
2- Receive the people wishing to convert into Islam, explain Islam to them, provide them with books, and invite them to lectures and courses, in addition to providing them with the necessary services.
3- Issue Islam Conversion Certificate for new Muslims, New Certificates, or certificate in lieu of lost ones or true copy certificates, or To Whom It May Concern Certificates for the new Muslims’ children as per applicable laws and regulations, and archive the same according to the applicable laws and standards.
4- Supervise the Conversion Into Islam inside and outside the Center in coordination with relevant authorities.
5- Supervise activation and implementation of the online New Muslims Program and execute the Online link for such Islam Conversion with the religious centers in coordination with the relevant authorities.
6- Conduct and deliver specialized programs, lectures, courses, workshops and lessons and social events related to new Muslims in various languages.
7- Manage and enhance relations with new Muslims, follow up their affairs as per applicable regulations and provide basis knowledge supplies on Islam religion to enable them to perform worship.
8- Guide and provide the New Muslims with Sharia teachings and requirements necessary in coordination and cooperation with the regulatory units in the Department.
9- Reply to the queries related to Islamic Culture to the new Muslims as well as to non-Muslims.
10- Provide specialized courses to New Muslims planning to get married, as per applicable requirements and in coordination with relevant authorities.
11- Prepare fully integrated database on the new Muslims, and issue statistics and periodic reports for them as per the required classifications; and use such data in developing the services provided to them.
12- Any other tasks assigned by the Department Director in relation to the nature of the unit’s work.

Second: Civilization Communication Section

Tasks and Specializations 
1- Prepare civilization and cultural communication plans and operational programs necessary as per specific annual indicators necessary to achieve the Department’s strategy and enhance the positive communication in the society.
2- Promote awareness on culture, traditions, customs, values, and environment of the UAE and its heritage, in addition to introducing the religious teachings and providing different programs to enhance the civilized communication among all nationalities.
3- Introduce the good values of Islam religion applicable all time and everywhere as per the good teachings to non-Muslims.
4- Promote the Islamic Religion values and human values as well as the Emirati (UAE) traditions; and introduce Islam Religion to Non-Muslims residing and visiting the UAE.
5- Encourage communication among new Muslims and others in order to enhance and promote the residents’ communication among each other in the emirate, showing the true image of Islam represented in harmony and co-existence.
6- Receive the delegate visiting the UAE to learn about the UAE culture based on the Islamic teachings; and explain the Emirati (UAE) customs and heritage sites.
7- Organize forums and symposiums on civilization communication for non-Muslim communities among residents and visitors with aim to raise awareness on true Islamic culture.
8- Any other tasks relevant to nature of section’s duty assigned by the director.

Third: Students Affairs Section

 Duties and Jobs:
1- Prepare the religious plans, programs, projects, events, and activities introducing Islamic religion, and studying Holy Quran by reciting and memorizing it in addition to studying Sunna and Islam religion.
2- Coordinate with Maktoum Quran Center to carry out courses on Quran Memorization and Studies for new Muslims.
3- Receive new Muslim students and raise their awareness on education systems available in the center and provide them with the necessary information to join education programs. 
4- Prepare, qualify, and train the students on basic and advanced education programs on Islam and Arabic language, and issue relevant certificates to them.
5- Provide and develop academic educational services to the center’s students 
6- Document and follow up students registrations in the center, and update their data as per education development and education attainment by students.
7- Amend the non-education activities to the students in order to enhance the social, educational, and sports relations inside and outside the center.
8- Enhance the relations with the students, execute follow-up plans, and develop the services to them.
9- Prepare and execute a fully integrated plan on students and full time and part time  preachers in coordination with relevant authorities.
10- Prepare fully integrated database on students and full time and part time preachers working at the center, and issue relevant reports.
11-   Any other assignments and duties assigned by the director in relation to the nature of the section’s job.​